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We follow the new trends and fashion and our beauticians are experts in learning new technology and fashion. Do you know that you can have your eyelashes tinted? Have you not heard of it before? 

To make your eyes beautiful, we give you the perfect arches that give your face a beautiful and a balanced look. If your eyes are too tiny, you can get the eyelashes tinted so that your eyes will look bigger, brighter and better. This treatment works of every one and we use natural vegetable based dye to colour the lashes and brows so there are no adverse reactions.

With eyelash tinting, you don’t have to wear your make up every day as the dye lasts for longer and it will help you to reduce the use of mascara. This is a special produce done in just ten to fifteen minutes and our experts take good care in tinting without spoiling the beauty of it. This is a natural treatment and hence you cannot expect this to be a permanent solution. This procedure will lasts for maximum 5 weeks as they are done with natural dye.

We recommend busy women to go with eyelash tinting because this is a great procedure for someone who does not have time to spend on makeups. This looks like you already have the make up on and you can just proceed with the other things. Get you eyelashes tinted with our experts, call us now to book your appointment.

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