Mini Facial (20 Min)

(Cleansing, Scrub & Massage)

Ayurvedic Herbal Facial (45 min)

(For deep pore cleansing, relaxing and nourishing)

Shz Gold Facial (50 min)

(For skin rejuvenation, glow and age defying)

Shz Diamond Facial (60 min)

(For glow, brightness, collagen stimulating, dermabrasive and
skin polishing)

Shz Pearl Whitening Facial (50 min)

(For blemishes, fairness and whitening and skin rehydrating)

Oxy Facial (50 min)

(For skin refining, hydration, rejuvenation and smooth texture)

Microdermabrasion (60 min)

(For deeo cleaning, fine lines and skin polishing)

Face Lifting – Thermopack (60 min)

(Ultimate natural treatment for face sculpting, hydration, double
chin and find lines)

Anti Ageing (45 min)

(To prevent early signs of ageing)

Rebalancing with Vitamin A (50 min)

(For unbalanced, dehydrated skin and to restore radiance to skin)

Gly C (60MIN)

(For uneven skin texture, sun burn and stubborn pigmentation)

White Brilliant (60MIN)

(Solution for Pigmentation, Vulnerability & dark Spots)

Clear Skin (50MIN)

(For Acne and/ or Oily Skin)

Sensitive Skin (50MIN)

(Solution for Irritated & Inflamed Flaky Skin)

Age Reversal Treatment 

(Treatment for dead skin and fine lines)

Spray Tan