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It is a common myth that shaving is the one stop hair removal shop for men. Hair removal for men sounds easier but they also need multiple hair removal options. Shaving is the least expensive hair removal process and works well only on the face but for legs and chest, they can either go for waxing or hair removal creams can be used. Removing hair from legs could be taxing if not done well and tiny leftovers will prove to be irritating while wearing trousers.

Male Threading

It is a popular hair removal technique for the facial hair including nose, chin, eye brows. This is done by using a thread and twisting it with fingers and maneuvering it on the targeted area to remove the hair. It is not a permanent hair removal measure but it can keep the facial hair at bay for at least 5-7 days. It is very economical and painless technique which can be done at home or a salon.

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