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Try the best facial for refreshed skin

We provide the best facials and face massage in town. Facial is done to refresh, moisturise and remove the dirt from the skin and nourish them with vitamins. Every skin type is different and every skin needs different energies and nutrients. We at Allure Beauty salon have experts who can understand the customer’s skin type and suggest facial products that are suitable for the skin. Our product ranges from herbal facial, natural facial, fruit facial, gold and diamond facial, wine facial, face spa, lotus facial, aroma facial, chocolate facial, clean up and face massage. We have products that are can satisfy the needs of different customers. Our experts have got good experience in facial massage and treatment and they can provide the best ever solution for every customers. The skin gets new energy when our expert beauticians give you a massage.

There are also skin care treatments such as pigmentation treatment, skin ageing treatment, black head removal, tan removal, skin lightening treatment that will be suggested by our experts. We believe in brands and we use only standard products that do not cause any side effects or infection. If you want to experience real luxury and want to enrich your face with our massage, try us now. We recommend 2-3 sittings of facials for young brides and for people with sensitive skin and allergies. We have encourages a lot of happy customers and we are looking forward to help you. When your skin does not give you the self-confidence, visit us soon!

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